Ladder Rules

1. Ladder Matches are to be played on Gaming Safari in CribAddicts room. Your user name must match your league name when playing.  

 2. Standard games are 121 regular or low, 61 reg or low. Most ladder matches are 3 Games of 61 Reg unless both players agree to a different format.

3. You can play a maximum of 3 ladder matches per person each day.

4. Ladders can be requested by name and can be refused.

5. Losses are to be reported immediately after a game is completed and before any further games are started. If a player does not report a win to you, then click the Unreported Match tab under the Support Tab on main page.

6. To maintain your Top 10 position on ladder activity is set at 1.0 days.

 7. Four Leaf Clover Tourneys for rank will be held on 1st of each month at 7pm - 121 Reg game. If the 1st falls on a Sunday the Clover will be held on Monday. All players in tourney will move in rank.

8. Treat all members the way you would want to be treated. We all like to joke and have fun but direct deliberate abuse of any member will not be tolerated and will result in the offending member being penalized accordingly.

9. Any member caught trying to manipulate the ladder will be kicked and banned from the league!

10. PENALTY BOX. Any Top 5 ranked member who is placed in the penalty box for any reason will automatically be moved down 10 rungs in order for the ladder to maintain competitiveness and fairness.

11. All members are to ensure that their email address is correct on their account.

Staff rules (TD's and Admin) If is found that you can not perform your duties and/or guidelines as set forth by Head Admin  you MAY be asked to step down from your position, or put on involuntary vacation.