Tourney Games and Formats


Single Elim - One loss

Double Elim - Two losses

Swiss System

Regular Swiss - Play all rounds - win or lose - until one winner.

True Swiss - Play a set amount of rounds - win or lose. There may be multiple winners.


121 or  61 Reg - Set table length to 121 or 61. Play to win!

121 or 61 Lowball - Set table length to 121 or 61. Tick table Option 'Lowball'. Play to lose! 

69 Reg - Tick 'Other' Option on table settings to 69. First to land on or pass 69 wins.

77 Reg - Tick 'Other' Option on table settings to 77.  First to land on or pass 77 wins.

91 Reg - Tick  'Other' Option on table settings to 91. First to land on or pass 91 wins.

61 Reg 2/3  - Set table for single 61. Player to win 2 games advances. Score tallys on bottom of table window.

Throws to crib: Any Format - Bury the 5's - Tick Bury the 5s Option on table setting.

Sex in crib - Players must discard 6 and 9's to crib.

Random Pairs 61 Reg 2/3 - Players will be randomly paired with a partner for the duration of the tourney. Either player sets table length to 61.  Click the 'eye' to allow watchers to see cards.  One player sits and the partner watches them. After first game is over all player stand and partners play.(First team resets table) If tied  1 -1 after two games play tie breaker game. Players determined who will play tie breaker.

Triple Trouble 61 Reg - 1x1x1 - This is a fun tourney  with 3 players at the table at once. Depending on number of registered players, the first round may  have 2 players at table only. The object of the game is for a player to win two games IN A ROW to advance. Games can go back n forth until one player has acheives two wins in a row. When three players at table the first  two players called play and the third player watches. When game is finished,  all players must  stand. The winner of game one sets, and third player joins to play game two. The loser of game one watches. Continue game play and seat rotation until one player has won two games in a row.

Kisses - Any game format.  The TD will gift bux for kisses. Kisses are when game is tied after the count .

Players Choice - First name called to set chooses game format and announces in lobby.  Check rules page for game format restrictions.

Go Fish or can be called Wish - The crib holder requests two cards to be thrown to their crib, If you have those cards you must throw them to avoid being disqualied.

Fastest Finger Swiss - This is a swiss tourney. The format for each round is determined by the player who calls a format in lobby first after the GOOOOOOOO is called by the TD.

Crazy Jacks or Jacks are wild - Set and play reg if a Jack is cut you change to lowball, each time a Jack is cut the game changes between Reg and Low.

Red/Black - the color seat you sit determines what you throw to crib, Red seat throws red cards, Black seat throws black cards.

Auto Win - TD will choose a few scores normally announced in rules page. If you land on any of those scores after the count, you automatically win.

Danger Card - TD will chose one card.  If its your crib and that card is cut them you automatically lose.


Please keep in mind all TD's host differently so please check rules page.

Have fun and good luck in your games!

Created & Edited By Diane